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Bell's Bookstore has been in Palo Alto since 1935. It offers a floor-to-ceiling selection of new, used, rare, and out-of-print books for collectors and readers. 536 Emerson Street (650-323-7822).
Books Inc. in Stanford Shopping Center has a great selection of books and magazines. 157 Stanford Shopping Center (650-321-0600).
Books Inc. in Mountain View has a great selection of books, magazines, and coffee at the unstairs cafe. 301 Castro Street (650-428-1234).
Borders Books is located in the Old Varsity Theatre. Borders has a large selection of books, magazines, and music. It has a coffee shop inside the store with outdoor courtyard seating. It is located on 456 University in PA (650-326-3670).
Kepler's Books is located right in the middle of Downtown Menlo Park. Kepler's is one of the largest bookstore in that area with large selection of books and magazines, especially children books. It is located on 1010 El Camino Real in Menlo Park (650-324-4321).

Stanford Bookstore (Downtown) carrys mostly professional books: medical, technical, business, computer, etc. It is located on 135 University Ave in Downtown Palo Alto (650-614-0280).

East-West Bookshop sells new age and philosophy books. It also sells music, incense, greeting cards, meditation supplies. It is located on 324 Castro Street in MV (650-988-9800).
Gospel Books & Music sells bibles spiritual teaching and learning materials, music, videos, greeting cards, etc. It is located on 550 Showers Drive (San Antonio Shopping Center) in Mountain View (650-941-0446).
Renaissance Books sells used gothic fiction, science fiction, philosophy books, and new age books. It also has other items such as sculptures and coins. 230 Hamilton Avenue in Palo Alto (650-321-2846).

Wessex sells used books on arts, fiction, literacy, and general titles. It also sells music records. It is located on 558 Santa Cruz Ave in Menlo Park (650-321-1333).
Renaissance Books has a large collection of used fiction books. It also carrys collectible items such as coins and sculptures. It is located on 230 Hamilton Ave in PA (650-321-2846).
Megabooks sells both new and used books. It is located on 444 University Ave in PA (650-326-4730).
Know Knew Books, as its name suggests, buys, sells, and trades used books. Search for treasure in the collectible section. It is located on 415 California Ave in PA (650-326-9355).

Big Guys Comics specializes in Golden and Silver age comics. It also provides subscription services. 167 E. El Camino Real, Mountain View (650-965-8272).
Lee's Comics carrys comic books from the 1930's. It has a wide variety of collectors' issues. It also has gaming items, Japanese animation videos, and T-shirts. 1020-F North Rengstorff Avenue in Mountain View (650-965-1800).



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